Latest Publications
McQueenie. R., Ellis. D. A., Fleming, M., Wilson, P. and Williamson, A. E. (in press). Educational associations of school attendance, exclusions and attainment with missed GP appointments for patients under 35 years old: administrative data linkage study. BMC Medicine

Hinds, J., Brown, O., Smith, L. G. E., Piwek, L., Ellis, D. A. and Joinson A. (in press). Integrating insights about human movement patterns from digital data into psychological science. Current Directions in Psychological Science

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Davidson, B. I., Ellis, D. A., Stachi, C., Taylor, P. J. and Joinson, A. N. (in press). Measurement practices exacerbate the generalizability crisis: Novel digital measures can help. Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Geyer, K., Ellis, D. A., Shaw, H. and Davidson, B. I. (in press). Open source smartphone app and tools for measuring, quantifying, and visualizing technology use. Behavior Research Methods LINK post-print

Etchells, P., Davidson, B. I., Kaye, L., Ellis, D. A. and Lieberoth, A. (in press). Researchers should avoid causally attributing suicide to video game play as a single factor. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care LINK


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Satchell, L., Fido, D., Harper, C. A., Shaw, H., Davidson, B. I., Ellis, D. A., Hart, C. M., Jalil, R., Bartoli. A. J., Kaye, L. K., Lancaster, G. L. J. and Pavetich, M. (2021). Development of an Offline-Friend Addiction Questionnaire (O-FAQ): Are most people really social addicts? Behavior Research Methods, 53(3), 1097–1106. LINK

Roy, R., Dokka, T., Ellis, D. A., Dudek, E. and Barnfather, P. (2021). Understanding controlled EV charging impacts using scenario-based forecasting models. Proceedings of e-Energy ’21:ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems, (pp 288-289), ACM. LINK

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Ellis, D. A., McQueenie, R., Williamson, A. E and Wilson, P. (2020). Missed appointments in healthcare systems: A national retrospective data linkage project. SAGE Research Methods. LINK