Psychology Sensor Lab How can technology best serve psychological and bio-social research?

The Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) A national hub for understanding, countering and mitigating security threats.

Serial missed appointments in the NHS This research project is investigating the intelligence from clinical practice that people who have a pattern of missing GP appointments are socially vulnerable and have poorer health outcomes.

National Research Centre on Privacy, Harm Reduction and Adversarial Influence Online (REPHRAIN) Announced by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on 14 October 2020, REPHRAIN will explore how to keep people safe online while allowing them to fully participate in digital technologies and the contributions they make to an innovative, inclusive and healthy economy and society.

The GetAMoveOn Network Funded by the EPSRC, the GetAMoveOn Network+ brings together experts in human computer interaction, health psychology, behaviour change, sensor networks, data analytics, interactive visualisation, sports and exercise science, and online citizen engagement, with the aim of transforming health through enabling mobility.

Applied Digital Behaviour Lab

Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Improvement (CHIĀ²) This multi-disciplinary centre brings together extensive expertise at the University of Bath in applied health research, including operational research, operations management, analytics, information systems, other quantitative and qualitative research methods and models, and experience from different industries.