Psychology Sensor Lab How can technology best serve psychological and bio-social research?

Weekday Lab How does behaviour and cognitive performance change across the calendar week?

The Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) A national hub for understanding, countering and mitigating security threats.

Serial missed appointments in the NHS This research project is investigating the intelligence from clinical practice that people who have a pattern of missing GP appointments are socially vulnerable and have poorer health outcomes.

Lancaster University Data Science Institute (DSI) Data Science at Lancaster aims to act as a catalyst for the field of Data Science and to provide an end-to-end interdisciplinary research capability - from infrastructure and fundamentals through to globally relevant problem domains and the social, legal and ethical issues raised by the use of Data Science.

Social Processes Research in the psychology department at Lancaster is organised around four key themes. I am the group lead for the Social Processes group. Collectively, we use a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to study the social and cognitive processes that shape behaviour.