Errata (from 2016)
1. Geyer, K., Ellis, D. A. and Piwek, L. (online first). A simple location tracking app for psychological research. Behavior Research Methods

Sentence on page xxx:

The application relies on the FuseLocationProvider application (Google, 2017b).

should read

The application relies on the FusedLocationProvider application programming interface (API) for Android (Google, 2017b).

2. Ellis, D. A., Davidson, B. I., Shaw, H. and Geyer, K. (2019) Do smartphone usage scales predict behavior? International Journal of Human-Computer Studies,130,86-92

The mean value of objective notifications (ObjN) in the Supplementary Materials should read 144.73 and not 114.73. This has been corrected in the post-print.

3. Ellis, D. A., Luther, K. and Jenkins, R. (2018). Missed appointments during shifts to and from daylight saving time. Chronobiology International, 35(4), 584-588

The percentage reported on page 585 (4.6%) should have been rounded to 2 decimal places so it remains consistent with other reported results (4.55%).

4. Shaw, H., Ellis, D. A., Kendrick, L., Ziegler, F. and Wiseman, R. (2016). Predicting smartphone operating system from personality and individual differences. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. 19(12), 727-732

The statistic reported below Table 3 on page 730 [X2(1) = 4.46, p = 0.04], should read [X2(1) = 3.39, p = 0.06]. The meaning of the preceding sentence remains correct.